K-Logistics - Your freight-forwarder in Austria and Europe.

Whenever you want to move something within Europe – we will make every effort to deliver your shipment to the desired destination reliably and on time.

Markus Kilian


Our offer

International transports

We unite people and markets - Europe-wide. Based on our experience gained through decades, we can calculate the most economical and actual transport solution for your needs.

Transport consulting

We analyse your current transport situation and prepare solutions for you to optimise the service and the transport chains.

Customs Services

Customs Services and shipment tracking by experts. Competent, reliable, 24/7.


We provide the highest expertise regarding transportation in the automotive industry. As an experienced and reliable partner, we ensure high-capacity supply and distribution channels all over Europe "just in time".


Certified and with trucks equipped with latest technology we can deliver your freight to constructiuon sites in major cities.

General Cargo Shipment

To identify and realise customer demands concerning general cargo, delivering your cargo to the desired destination under the best conditions is crucial.


On demand, we offer the possibility to store your goods in our interim warehouse and deliver them to your clients within the agreed time.

Your satisfaction is our goal!

To achieve this goal, we employ more than 100 operations, accounting, administration, truck driving and warehousing employees who do their best daily.

Daily transport from/to

  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • Slovenia
  • Hungary
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovakia
  • Italy
  • England
  • Benelux countries
  • France

Both general cargo and part or full-load traffic.

Our partner network

You can always rely on our international network for part-load traffic, consisting of regional forwarding companies.